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Company Profile

Three Phase x-Ray Transformert

Magnetic & Transformer Technologies Corporation (MTT CORPORATION) is a registered corporation since 1992 in New Jersey, USA.

Additionally, MTT CORPORATION has an office and manufacturing facilities in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Single Phase x-Ray Transformer
MTT CORPORATION designs and manufactures custom and special transformers, and other magnetic components in low to moderate volume.
Other special products are Ballasts, x-Ray Transformers, Precipitators and Automatic Voltage Regulators.

All magnetic components are manufactured in accordance with the applicable commercial standards and are warranted. With our design and updated manufacturing facilities we exceeded market expectations.

Three Phase WattManager™

MTT CORPORATION has added in the year 2002 and 2006 two new products to the varity of magnetic the company already design and manufacture.

Lighting Voltage Controller


A patent design to save electrical power for HID lamps was filed and granted in December 2006, which is an improved Wattman design with additional technical features and higher efficiency.


MTT CORPORATION has the expertise in designing and manufacturing all sizes of standard and special OEM transformers including Precipitators.

MTT CORPORATION also has extensive experience in redesigning, rebuilding and repairing all types and sizes of OEM transformers, including transformers for elevator service companies and others.


MTT CORPORATION offers high quality and uses only USA made materials, modern design and manufacturing methods, and skilled craftsmanship to fulfill the most essential requirements for high quality transformers: low noise and corona levels and long life expectancy.


In order to meet market and customer demands, MTT CORPORATION provides friendly assistance and service, flexibility, high quality manufacturing and on-time deliveries to satisfy every requirement and special needs at very reasonable prices.

Single Phase Transformer

Three Phase Transformer

Energy Conservation For Cleaner Environment

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